About our company

Elite Mineral started with a dream. Providing pure, all natural, preservative free and 'one product for all skin types' dream has been our fundamental goal. Makeup should not be something that 'animals' will be sacrificed for. Makeup should come from nature just as a woman's beauty and it should come from the heart of nature, from minerals. It is our commitment and primary goal that no low - cheap quality materials imported from China will be used in any of our products. Unlike many brand names and high priced products, our products are modestly priced and a lot more durable and useful then regular cosmetic products. With %83 of return rate from our customers, we strongly stand behind our brand and products.


About our website:

Mineralmakeupme.com is a website that sells mainly natural mineral makeup products. We do not sell 'animal ingredient' or 'animal tested' products even strongly oppose any usage of those types of products not just because we love animals but also we love you and we care about you.